ze pun-ch line no. 1


What do you call the Bill Collector in your head?

pun-ch line


A joke is the epigram on the death of a feeling….Friedrich Nietzsche


White Man`s Last Stand

Donald Trump

Tramp supporters represent Whitey`s Last Stand. That is, the privelege that the American White working male enjoyed in the industrial hey day has been decimated and Whitey is left “competing” with 3rd World labor-of color. The capitalist class that once needed Him screwed Him “bigly” as they moved all industry overseas.

Tramp based his entire campaign bulls#!tting the White male into believing that he will bring it all back and of course thats nvr going to happen: why pay the American White male 20 bucks/hr when you can pay a Bangladeshi 26 cents/hr?

The capitalist class has also screwed Whitey at home, bringing in similar cheap labor. And to top it all off, Whitey is so stupid that he still sings the praises of the capitalist bosses that have f`d him-and capitalism itself. Only the White American male does this as in the rest of the world workers actually fight back AGAINST the capitalists.

Well, back in the early 20th Century, the American worker actually did fight, but He was mainly of Eastern Euro descent then and He called himself a “Socialist” or “Communist” and voted for guys like Eugene Debs, not “yuge” bulls#!tting idiots like Tramp.

And the current rise of American fascism/Nazism is quite predictable as history tells us fascism always comes to the fore when capitalism is at its least stable point. But capitalism and its associated White Supremacy are on the way out globally. The older White American male worker also doesnt realize this obvious fact. But said worker will soon die off from the planet and His flailing and anacronistic opinions and misguided influence will no longer be part of the conversation-thankfully.

The dupes will be duped and the servile will find their servitude…

ze pun-ch line no. 49

Vern: “Did ya har’ where ‘nuther wunna Mozart’s Austr’een buddies had wunna dem dadgum ‘mentuhl breakdowns?”

Fern: “Who’s ‘Mo’s-tart’, Vern?”

pun-ch line


Vern: “Yeah, well they say they he locked hisself up ina golldurn chamber and was roll’ all up like a baby, Haydn under his pee-ana…”


A joke is the epigram on the death of a feeling…. Friedrich Nietzsche

ze trivia no. 2

Where they come up with that dadgum crazy spelled name,”Oaxaca”, anyway?

OK, so one time this Gringero with a speech impediment was on a “vacacio’n” down south of the yonder border thar’–long before Der Drumpf’s Wall, of course–and. he ain’t used to the water, see, and in the midst of, “Montezuma’s Revenge”, he yells out helpless, “WUH HACKININ’ TO ME?!”.

And it “stuck”, so to speak…

(p.s., that dadgum chihuahua stole my dawg’s jawb!