corn `n such

Vern, “They say Corn habbin` climin` up them thar` ranks `n such…”

Fern, “Yepper, Ah har`d he dun` made Colonel…”

Vern, “Locals wuz amazed fer sher..”

Fern, “And aw shucks, ther daggum boy went off to that fancy pants college out East and made a name fer hisself on ther golldang “crew”, like they calls it..”

Vern, “Yup, he always had a thang fer rowin` and such…”

Fern, “And Lawdy be, the daughter is dern gud pickin` on that thar` fiddle too…”

Vern, “Mussin` be them ears…”

Fern, “Wert turrible, tho`, `bout l`il Billy Cobb…held `im too close to the thrasher `til `is fingers dun popped…”

Vern, “Twer` a dern tradijee, yessir..”


Vern, “Welp, wut`s fer supper?”

Fern, “That Mex`CAN dun brought over sum them ho`made tor-TEE-las…”