ze pun-ch line no. 46

War Mongering Bigot Ignoramous: “Did y’all har’ that they’s bringin’ them thar’ babies into the miluh-tar-ee now?”

Peacenik: “No”.

WMBI: “Yar’, they calls them thar’ the “Infantry”…

Peacenik: “I hope they are non violent babies…”.

A joke is the epigram on the death of a feeling….Friedrich Nietzsche


ze zinger no. 19

Kentucky Bible Thumper: “JAH-HEE-ZUS SAVES!”

Reclusive Bank Robber: “I prefer withdrawal…”



ze zinger no. 18

Celebrated Chinaman choral director comments on the off-key choir:

“Sumsing wong…”



ze zinger no. 17

What did Clam say to Uppity Oyster?

“No, you’re SHELLFISH!”