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Robert Muir Wood is a member of the college educated, proletariat working class. He is a professional musician(drummer) and Journeyman carpenter, writer, master wordsmith, and dabbles in the visual arts as well. He is an atheist and ideological Marxist Socialist-Communist and a member of, 'The African Socialist Peoples Solidarity Committee, led by Chairman Omali Yeshitela. Robert Muir Wood also posts/blogs on the, "Think Atheist", website, under the moniker, "Fred Hampton". Robert Muir Wood's greatest accomplishment in Life was his dropping out med school...many moons ago...

ze zinger no. 26

So, They finally cuffed that pervy Metrosexual that forcefully atomized that poor girl on a 1-nite-stand.

Charge: “Date Vape”



corn `n such

Vern, “They say Corn habbin` climin` up them thar` ranks `n such…”

Fern, “Yepper, Ah har`d he dun` made Colonel…”

Vern, “Locals wuz amazed fer sher..”

Fern, “And aw shucks, ther daggum boy went off to that fancy pants college out East and made a name fer hisself on ther golldang “crew”, like they calls it..”

Vern, “Yup, he always had a thang fer rowin` and such…”

Fern, “And Lawdy be, the daughter is dern gud pickin` on that thar` fiddle too…”

Vern, “Mussin` be them ears…”

Fern, “Wert turrible, tho`, `bout l`il Billy Cobb…held `im too close to the thrasher `til `is fingers dun popped…”

Vern, “Twer` a dern tradijee, yessir..”


Vern, “Welp, wut`s fer supper?”

Fern, “That Mex`CAN dun brought over sum them ho`made tor-TEE-las…”