ze zinger no. 27

Vern: “Ya har’ ’bout dem dadgum piles o’ fightin’ ‘n feeeudin’ firewood fam’lees dert wers a fightin’ and feeeudin’ fer yars and yars ’til finally, after all da bloodshed and death–and SMOKE(!), fer Gawd Sake–dee’cided to cahm togeder in a-cord….



ze pun-ch line no. 50

Vern: “Did ya here ’bout that crazy fly-by-nite Woo-HAN Chinaman that been rippin’ off rural ‘Murica?”

Fern: “Naw, Vern, didn’t”

pun-ch line

Vern: “Locals say he been here today, gong tomorrah…”


A joke is the epigram on the death of a feeling… Friedrich Nietzsche