ze pun-ch line no. 21

(Adviso: Easter special pun-ch line that is no pun-ch line because it has no pun(s), though it will contain the line, which goes w/o saying, so pretend I didn’t say that–the “line” part. It will also contain the long anticipated punch, hopefully–well, they can’t all be gems. Further Adviso, there may be bonus pun-ch or punch lines today, as the non-spirit doesn’t move me…)

Hey, what did the Easter Bunny Wabbit say to resurrected Jesus?

punch line

EGGS-actly nothing: neither exist. (OK, I snuck in a pun there, I can’t help myself–it’s a cry for help, I clearly need an intervention.)

A joke is the epigram on the death of a feeling.… Friedrich Nietzsche


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