(Note: this is a reply to a friend and the 1st draft of this little missive on the subject of “shrinks” and “shrinkage”, and will be subject to further edition as I get the time. Please forgive the typos, etc, for now.)

FTR, me thinks the various labels that the Shrink Industry, and their DMS–whichever is the flavor of the year, blah blah blah–puts on people are by and large BOGUS and they conveniently tend to leave out the FACT that the SYSTEM puts endless pressures on human beings that hurts them(us) psychologically, emotionally, and physically. But when’s the last time you EVER heard a shrink question THE SYSTEM? That’s right, NEVER. Their job is to plug you back into THE SYSTEM that injured you in the 1st place and if you can’t cut the often ridiculous and oppressive aspects of the SYSTEM then it must be you(us), right, because THE SYSTEM can never be at fault, right?

Well, guess what, it IS THE SYSTEM that is at fault, bigly! So, dont go around thinking it is YOU(us, human beings), THE SYSTEM is generally ANTI HUMAN, just ask Karl Mark and the gang—“alienation”, look it up. “BPD”(so-called “Borderline Personality Disorder”) is probably one of the more nebulous categories they can put you in which is even more of a tacet admission that they(the shrinks) dont know WTF to do, or call “IT”(“your problem”), and hey, they got a mortgage to pay and kids in college, and an ex-high-maintainence-wife to pay off, and their Volvo note every month, so, yeah, they need your business: shrinkage and the related big pharma industry is just that, an industry, for profit, and dont ever forget that.

Me, I stay away from shrinks at all costs, especially psychiatrists, whose “science” is largely BOGUS, b.s., with little to no actual scientific, you know, evidence, to support their various “disease categories”. And there are legions of these vastly, overpaid, over respected fools. I once had some social worker type guy, highly respected, tell me he saw Jesus, in the flesh, in his horse barn. First, I’m thinking, how the F do YOU(idiot) afford a fricking horse barn and horses–oh right, you get a 100 fricking bucks an hour to sit on your ass and do nothing, basically, and second, YOU and I need to trade chairs and I get paid, because YOU didnt see no fucking Jesus!!!

They still do electroshock, BTW, you know, the thing that killed people like Ernest Hemingway, for one–well, after the electro “therapy”, he felt so great about things he put a shotgun bullet in his own head.

No, shrinkage is dangerous, like religion and clergymen are dangerous, like the Capitalist SYSTEM is dangerous. Maybe, if you are extremely “psychotic” or “schizoid”, they have some pills can can help keep you together, more or less, but other than that, they are by and large useless scavengers on the suffering The System imposes on human beings. A visit to any of your local psych wards bears egregious testimony to the fact that the shrinks and their legions of minions haven’t a clue as to WTF they are doing, and are just milking “your disease” for all it’s worth–which, again, is ALOT, a goldmine, $ for nothing type thing. And hospital food is complete garbage FTMP, and often will put you in a state of semi-starvation, and of course, you have some frat boy, intern type fool, who’s clueless, who thinks 2 spoonfuls of canned greenbeans and a cup fo fruity, marshmellow jello, is “great nutrition”. Seriously, idiots like that shoot be shot, like fire squad type shit.

Yeah, I have some experience in the matter.

Anyway…… BPD, well, I don’t believe in it, it is a bogus “disease category” created by bogus people. Essentially, what you need to do, is find some corner of the world where The System can’t harm you too much, cant steal your entire life away as it is want to do, and find some real friends, if at all possible, that will listen to you and vice versa, and learn to focus on a few things in life that you love, or find those things if you havent already. Shrinks wont help you much and may very well inflict more harm–especially to your pocketbook.

And seriously, I wipe my ass with the pages from Freud and Jung–and Skinner. Fuck them.

My 2 cents on the subject…so far…


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