, but on a positive note…

I see nothing but Darkness out there
and imperialistic Asteroid Mining Wars
And pain and suffering and torture and teeth gnashing
and crying and sobbing and wrenching and Oceans of Tears and chopped off hands–and those who will one day soon meet face to face with raging, merciless Just Violence by Our hands, Stone-Aged Aleppo with Tomahawk missiles

Apocalypse and Armageddon: the Rapturists are hoping…

I see exploitation and alienation and slavery and The Man
And horrible culture and illiteracy and boredom and Coca-Cola and diabetes
and deep fat fried open heart surgery and strokes and shingles and wheelchairs
and CRISPR Children

Made in America

Generations of Old Farmers movin’ and gentrified groovin’
and destitute whites in hoodies and jammie pants and flip-flops and Crocs and camo
And tats and tongue piercings and Court TV applying for jobs at Love’s
and nursing homes and Lawn Crews and Citco and saw mills

I see Hindus and Pakistanis and Bangladeshis and Mexicans and Ecuadorians
and Decimated Africans and rescue squads and cops and canines of K-9s
And Gerhardts and Oswald Lunds dominating whole mountains and valleys

The daily fires and black guy shootings and knifings and rapings
form propagandid reportage on the fascist CBS Albany 17 White Ruling Class News
and NYC and Wall Street and Nazi hedge funders and nanosecond algorithms
slashing and burning and destroying and impoverishing everything in its path

I see taloned brown hawks and eagles and vultures and night owls’ predation
and squawking Cotton Tail deer and ground squirrels skating decayed leaves
and dead hollow black logs and hovering branches and shots in the distance
And thunderstorm lightning and thrashing whipping winds so careless

And naked I am in the backyard of the squattage, hot rain pelting my face
the Solitary Star dancing, darting to escape amid the attacking clouds
and nothing but fire and brimstone and Impenetrable Darkness

And harshness

I see nothing out there in all directions…forever

in all directions


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