Mood Swing King

He used to be a heavy hitter
Got demoted from militant
to cynic to merely skeptical
They brought him down
like They always do

Main Streeted* him

And what a spectacle he became
drinkin’ ‘Space Jam Water’

Now he just a Mood Swing King

Did 60 day for a DUI
Got out, smashed a window
@ the Paki gas station
jonesin’ for smokes and hard liquor
EBT don’t cover that crap…

He old school Irish
beet face red
like an African mask
wrapped up ’round his head
no socks, Florsheim deal
pants up waitin’ for The Flood

Mood Swing King

Got changes comin’ hard
too much too fast
Take you down below the bottom
and outta desperation
flew fast up in the zenith
And for a minute landed softly
’til his wings got burned
far up in the sun

He thrashed and churned
and crashed and burned

Mood Swing King

(*Reference to the Sinclair Lewis novel of that title)


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