Slavery as an Economic Category In Capitalism

Ok, this is not cultural thing, or a racial thing–people can practice whatever culture they want and hang out with whatever “race” they want–freedom of association applies. Socialism/Communism does does compel anyone to do anything in those regards.

This is Marxism, ergo we’re talking about material human relationships in the material world. The theme of this article, as stated clearly in a video by Omali Yeshitela(What Will It Take For Imperialism To Fall), is from quotations from Marx’s work, “The Poverty of Philosophy”, and to some extent, “Das Kapital” that slavery is an essential economic category of functional capitalism. Capitalistic economics requires a slave class to generate “primitive accumulation” of raw materials that are then used in the upward fabrication of material goods that are then used as a the main source for profit among the capitalist class. Material relationships between humans are the prime motive force that drives human activity, hence history, hence ‘historical materialism’.

People of African heritage in the US have been a materially, internally colonized group within the US from slavery to this day. The White capitalists own about everything, writes the laws to his favor in that regard, and the Blacks have systematically, often legislatively(e.g., Jim Crow, or, “Red Lining”) been denied access to resources and opportunity withing the White Man’s system. The White Man has the economic and institutional power and that is the fundamental root of “racism”: one racial group having power over another.  Africans, Blacks–as a group–do not have power over Whites–or anyone else, for that matter.

The replacement system, that I prefer, is based on Marxism and, particularly Maoism, as, in my and others’ opinion, the Maoists took, in practice, socialism-communism the furthest to date. The USSR did amazing things as well, under Lenin and also Stalin, but Stalin kind of became more of a “democratic socialist” and then, over time, the Red Mafia and bourgeois class became further corrupt, etc, etc.


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