Poem: Kareem


by ze

Kareem gots his tunes
keeps him goin’
Tol’ him I like his jacket
He said, “you already tol’ me dat”

I got that brass and copper
like a fist enhancer
He just laugh insane like
and back away slow and shaky
with some crazy in his eyes

Two sheriffs and a statey
was at his room the other day
with a K-9 in the backseat
just in case
Tried to talk him down
after he been shoutin’
at the stars all nite

Tol’ him about jazz
Herbie Hancock ‘Thrust’
He don’t give a shit
Mind blown rappin’ like a wifi junkie

Tupac and Assata
was the last ones worth a damn
He dead, the Fascist Pigs still want her back
Kareem don’t got no time to know ’bout all dat

I’m just another Whitey
so what the fuck should he care
He strut and dance like a drummer or somethin’
But ain’t nobody got time for that crap

I been writin’ like that mofo storm
outside my window
Kareem all up in solitary groanin’
“gots to ignore all whats the idiots say”

One day he gonna fall off
the edge of this goddamn mountain
and roll out on that hiway all naked
Like a deer in the headlights
of a dark shit storm
and that’ll be the end a dat

Me, I woulda hit bottom
but they ain’t no bottom

Kareem, he just gotta pack it in…


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